Well Come

A window into a surreal, spiritual world that twists and turns unexpectedly from one emotion to another. Well Come emotes with bright color and pathos.

Erik Nebel is a non-binary Speech-Language Pathologist, who works with students that are non-verbal and students with Autism and students who are Emotionally Disturbed. Part of their therapy with these students involves drawing pictures as a way to communicate, instead of using words. Well Come, originally published by Yeti Press, is in part, a result of these drawings.

Truly strange. It’s like stills from an unrealized, slightly scary kid’s show.
— Alex Schubert, creator of Blobby Boys and Vice contributor

“Characters” are identified; “plot” is ascertained; “actions” are linked, “consequences” experienced; and emotions – true emotions – felt. […] There is something satisfyingly jazz-like in Nebel’s effort.

The Comics Journal


In the pages of 4PANEL 2, artists Jessica Bartram, Jonathan Dyck, Drazen Kozjan, Hartley Lin, Erik Nebel, Samplerman and Fiona Smyth explore the 4PANEL strip form in unique and beautiful ways, each presenting a collection of new strips in a self-contained section of the book.


Drazen Kozjan
Apparitions: Three Leaves from a Witch’s Tree
Jessica Bartram
Erik Nebel
Why Don’t We Come Together
Jonathan Dyck
Drawing Instants Falling Apart
Fiona Smyth
Maw Spoke
Hartley Lin

Afterword by: Barbara Postema