erik nebel

photo by natalia nebel

i discovered comics when i was about 4 years old. i was in my sister’s room, and i noticed some brightly colored books up high where i couldn’t reach. i climbed onto a chair so that i could climb onto a desk, and i remember standing on the desk, i was able to reach the top of the book shelf. i remember looking at these comic books, and the pictures came to life, the characters were moving, a whole world came to life. it was like a miracle. 

i was swept up in a wave of overwhelmingly intense emotions. it felt like i left my body behind, and i was a spirit floating in the air. then there was this moment of shock when i came back into the physical world, where i looked around and thought, “what happened? where am i?” and then the realization, “oh, i’m here. back in my body.” this is the event that shaped the whole rest of my life.

every time i sit down to draw, it’s like i’m trying to recapture the rapture of that moment when i fell in love with comics. i’ve had moments in my life when my emotions are so overpowering, it’s like my body dissolves and i become a part of my environment, and there is no separation between me and everything around me. i try to put these intense feelings into my art. if you’re able to experience some of these strong emotions as you’re reading my comics, that would be my ultimate joy.